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A Free C++ Web Development Framework aimed for Rapid Web Application Development


  • cppcms-1.0.5
    ~amd64 ~x86
    +cache doc examples +fcgi gcrypt +http icu +prefork_cache scgi +tcpcache python_targets_python2_7

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  • cppcms-1.0.3
    ~amd64 ~x86
    +cache doc examples +fcgi gcrypt +http icu +prefork_cache +scgi +tcpcache

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# ChangeLog for dev-cpp/cppcms
# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $

*cppcms-1.0.3 (07 Jan 2013)

07 Jan 2013; Jauhien Piatlicki (jauhien) <>
-cppcms-1.0.2.ebuild, +cppcms-1.0.3.ebuild:
version bump

*cppcms-1.0.2 (15 Aug 2012)

15 Aug 2012; Jauhien Piatlicki (jauhien) <>
-cppcms-1.0.1-r1.ebuild, +cppcms-1.0.2.ebuild:
version bump

14 Apr 2012; Jauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)
Revision bump for dev-cpp/cppcms

*cppcms-1.0.1 (03 Apr 2012)

03 Apr 2012; Jauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)
+cppcms-1.0.1.ebuild, +metadata.xml:
New Ebuild for bug #410383 thanks to hasufell, floppym, Tommy[D] and other
people from #gentoo-sunrise