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Deepin Desktop Enviroment (meta package)


  • dde-meta-15.10.1
    ~amd64 ~x86
    +policykit manual +terminal multimedia grub plymouth elogind systemd turbo kwin mutter extra screensaver

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    Overlay: deepin (layman)
  • dde-meta-15.5
    ~amd64 ~x86
    +policykit manual +terminal multimedia grub

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commit a9e926e0b3926c4051021aca341cd25f3c9d9a49
Author: zhtengw <>
Date: Wed Dec 13 17:47:50 2017 +0800

DDE 15.5 version bump

commit a962b91711ee21bcac66118bdf099d0fa8cf6b51
Author: zhtengw <>
Date: Sat Sep 30 16:46:19 2017 +0800

Update DDE packages

commit 3660e90db0be04c96a22682963bb8303edee1119
Author: zhtengw <>
Date: Tue Jul 18 17:37:30 2017 +0800

Many packages version bump, and add metadata.xml

commit 20846773484ac3b357a84f40025edb8e0903d1d5
Author: zhtengw <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 11:48:00 2017 +0800

Version bump: deepin-wm-1.9.14, deepin-mutter-3.20.19, deepin-metacity-3.22.10, deepin-music-3.1.2, deepin-screenshot-4.0.4, deepin-go-lib-1.0.5, dde-go-essential-20170627, deepin-gettext-tools-1.0.5, dde-calendar-1.0.8, startdde-3.1.10, deepin-wm-switcher-1.1.1, deepin-notifications-3.0.5, deepin-icon-theme-15.12.45, deepin-gtk-theme-17.10.3, deepin-desktop-schemas-3.1.8, deepin-desktop-base-2016.12.1, dde-meta-15.4.1, dde-session-ui-4.0.8, dde-control-center-4.2.0, dde-api-3.1.9, dde-daemon-3.1.11, dde-launcher-4.1.0

commit 8c4b72b424770bcdfb0d110cdc7b06bb0e684b9f
Author: zhtengw <>
Date: Mon Apr 17 10:18:38 2017 +0800

Version bump: deepin-movie-2.2.13, deepin-voice-recorder-1.2, deepin-music-3.1.0, deepin-screenshot-3.1.13, deepin-screen-recorder-1.8, deepin-go-lib-1.0.3, deepin-terminal-2.3.4, dde-calendar-1.0.7, dde-help-15.4, dde-polkit-agent-0.0.8, dde-daemon-3.1.9, dde-control-center-4.1.1

commit c851b1dec8f40fb0242dbc542369957f4f9565e1
Author: zhtengw <>
Date: Sun Mar 26 02:46:22 2017 +0800

Update DDE related packages

commit 7c24b5c3836da8328a2b5017203256a45949b849
Author: zhtengw <>
Date: Fri Feb 24 14:56:41 2017 +0800

Version bump: dde-api-3.1.2, dde-control-center-4.0.6, dde-daemon-3.1.2, dde-dock-4.1.3, dde-launcher-4.0.7, dde-qt5integration-0.1.0, dde-session-ui-3.0.27, deepin-desktop-schemas-3.1.1, deepin-menu-3.0.10, deepin-notifications-2.3.12, deepin-tool-kit-0.2.3, startdde-3.1.1, dde-calendar-1.0.4, dde-help-15.3.1, deepin-go-lib-0.5.5

commit 16bd8fabfd49d466b2bab78a5b2c5e496ac48baa
Author: zhtengw <>
Date: Fri Feb 10 13:31:37 2017 +0800

New package: dde-base/dde-polkit-agent, add policykit USE flag in dde-meta to install it

commit d42c60035431cfa67093ae35ac73266c2235d923
Author: zhtengw <>
Date: Fri Jan 20 22:32:11 2017 +0800

Add new DDE 15.x ebuilds, all are copied from

commit f359597b2f84027740bf697037615aef4108c9b8
Author: Tom Li <>
Date: Wed Mar 16 19:00:35 2016 +0800

Purge all Deepin-based packages, see Issue #249.

Signed-off-by: Tom Li <>

commit 3a119a79a95403e7e216e04e9bc9cfba8dd448d8
Author: Aten Zhang <>
Date: Wed Jul 10 23:06:30 2013 +0800

fix manifest error of kvideoencodor, qstardict, ibus-handwrite, ibus-t9, qtgui, sopcast-player, myqq3, egear, tiebasprit, amule-dlp, and update DDE with the problems of account, printer modules and deepin-screenshot solved

commit 5fc3da5331e2b6c73b4773d6ba3b4a95a6d639f8
Author: Aten Zhang <>
Date: Sat Jul 6 17:13:10 2013 +0800

Add ebuilds for Deepin Desktop Envorinmemt, remove some outdated deepin softwares