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Python-based statusline/prompt utility


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  • powerline-2.7
    ~amd64 ~x86
    awesome busybox bash dash doc extra fish fonts i3bar lemonbar man mksh rc qtile tmux vim zsh python_targets_pypy3 python_targets_python2_7 python_targets_python3_6 python_targets_python3_7 python_targets_python3_8 python_targets_python3_9

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commit d29227d9fbb97f0d26b03035d5e1c7b9f403271a
Author: leycec <>
Date: Tue Sep 29 14:43:39 2020 -0400

Python 3.9 support.

This commit adds provisional support for Python 3.9 to all
Python-centric ebuilds currently supporting Python 3.6 through 3.8.
Unrelatedly, this commit both removes all obsolete BETSEE ebuilds and
adds support for PyPy3 to both BETSE and BETSEE ebuilds.

commit 945269602d8fa2c38770584d4d013a747cee2865
Author: leycec <>
Date: Tue Jan 28 01:39:42 2020 -0500

app-misc/powerline: Further fix up.

This commit resolves an additional breaking concern documented at,
addresses all outstanding "repoman" complaints with respect to this
package. and bumps the patch number to force retrieval of both this and
@nethershaw's resolution at #80.

commit f070eef25da05ba2eed056b43a20c32141ae812b
Author: Matt 'Archer' Vaughn <>
Date: Mon Jan 27 18:23:40 2020 +0000

fix leycec/raiagent#79

commit b3cc6487f8f0ee793cc02aa59beec17f7527c848
Author: leycec <>
Date: Fri Jan 24 01:17:05 2020 -0500

app-vim/powerline-vim: Vim plugin sanitized.

This commit dramatically improves Powerline's Vim plugin by coercively
setting the "g:powerline_pycmd" global to "py3" when installing this
plugin only for Python 3.x. Failing to do so causes an absurdly verbose
fatal error at runtime.

commit c0f451e316cb023598f9bc81fd8033ba762e2df9
Author: leycec <>
Date: Tue Jan 21 23:50:53 2020 -0500

sci-biology/betse: #77 resolved.

This commit removes all support for ATLAS, a largely obsolete BLAS and
LAPACK provider with no to little support under modern Gentoo
installations (notably, the essential "eselect-ldso" USE flag). Thanks
to @impiusnex for the insightful issue calling attention here!

commit 652f2d8497689fba76d341960030a33d33d6a0d3
Author: Michael Häußlein <>
Date: Tue Jan 21 15:00:05 2020 +0100

app-misc/powerline: add python3.8 target

commit 3d264af2c20899beb0cea1fd6989880358dc93ac
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sat Dec 15 22:29:08 2018 -0500

app-misc/powerline: Resolve #67.

This commit adds explicit Powerline support for both i3bar and lemonbar,
enabled by newly defined USE flags of the same names. This resolves #67,
graciously reported by @liketechnik. Thanks, Florian! And sorry for the
meddlesome delay.

commit 3686fc2620f83514a9cb179d6c828020a4ea69e1
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Aug 12 22:43:36 2018 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.7

commit af5976768af8f9c5efb34bcf1655c1dbb0be653e
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sun Aug 13 00:59:29 2017 -0400

Repository cleanup x 6.

Assorted packages across the overlay now comply with "repoman" linting
-- notably, BETSEE, Powerline, and Universal Ctags. (Yet, a glistening
pile of thankless work remains.)

commit 353388b87df38a3c5174f05be8d331d3b7ae3784
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 21:55:44 2017 -0400

Repository cleanup x 1.

For maintainability, numerous obsolete ebuilds have now been excised from
the repository. All "app-lyx" and "app-misc" packages now comply with
"repoman" linting. Yet, a tremendous amount of thankless work remains.

commit 752d309721b5193a8cf9ce8624d7c989d0c4eed0
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Mon May 8 19:52:06 2017 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.6

commit c9197a0540f03ff4d531fc1d324bd75e3d560aaa
Author: leycec <>
Date: Fri Mar 24 01:58:26 2017 -0400

media-sound/vgmplay: Added.

VGMPlay, the video game music (VGM) player and converter, is now
available as both live (i.e., 9999) and stable (i.e., 0.40.7) ebuilds.

commit 7c1df56ff4981c7a78c6b574daafe5609ec31235
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Feb 5 13:46:57 2017 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.5.2

commit 0c6a3c0c013131ace9583c1e06743c63e9e1eb03
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Feb 5 13:31:29 2017 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.5.1

commit a3775ff401da3938f18f51e8bc96f343dc25c5b2
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Aug 11 23:49:00 2016 -0400

dev-python/instant-rst: Added.

The InstantRst web server for previewing reStructuredText documents (typically
via the "riv.vim" and "InstantRst" Vim bundles) is now available as both live
(i.e., 9999) and stable (i.e., ebuilds.

commit e0dafe4d36e0f9a950cefe0d3cf2c480957ed9e2
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Thu Jul 14 00:52:09 2016 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.5

commit 109bad40fed973649309829b5d93e03f2baba02d
Author: leycec <>
Date: Fri Apr 29 02:17:53 2016 -0400

app-misc/powerline: EAPI + readme.gentoo-r1 bump.

Our suite of Powerline ebuilds now leverage EAPI 6 rather than 5 as well as the
new "readme.gentoo-r1" rather than obsolete "readme.gentoo" eclass, stifling a
medley of gruesome warnings.

commit 33826def9b82c7809a24cbc5430b437d041735c7
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Tue Apr 19 02:05:08 2016 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.4

commit 5e8feef7125e85c97b201b5b63c088dd32055abe
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Tue Oct 20 12:56:49 2015 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.3

commit 79a0ebc80ffc9b1012a6aa8296938ab584935370
Author: leycec <>
Date: Tue Jun 30 22:19:37 2015 -0400

net-p2p/i2p: 0.9.20 added.

This commit marks raiagent's first foray into unofficial I2P support. We intend
to maintain such support via 0-day bumps (i.e., ebuild version updates released
on the same day as I2P version updates), but only incontinent time will tell
whether we adhere to such a rigorous schedule.

commit f29c57639d25858bf8a99d4fa8b8e886d652808e
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sat Jun 27 03:12:48 2015 -0400

app-vim/powerline-vim: Universalized.

For maintainability, the live and non-live versions of "app-vim/powerline-vim"
have been universalized to leverage the same underlying ebuild. Relatedly, the
now-obsolete Powerline 2.1.4 ebuild has been archived as a non-symlink.

commit 7b8b42bda3333047802ccd5e515cac47084ea846
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Jun 27 02:04:04 2015 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.2

commit 546ea692c3f94a088aa63f6fd560dfd864426e60
Author: leycec <>
Date: Fri Jun 5 02:53:38 2015 -0400

app-misc/powerline: Cull outdated comments.

The FIXME and non-FIXME comments heading the "powerline-9999" ebuild have been
removed, in light of their being totally irrelevant under our new universal
ebuilds approach. "Hail to the Universal Unifier!"

commit 6b93a999bb2cb3ef5a41e3bb6264efd954b29ccb
Author: leycec <>
Date: Fri Jun 5 02:31:34 2015 -0400

app-misc/powerline: Live and non-live synchronize!

The live and non-live Powerline ebuilds are now synchronized via symlinks to a
single centralized ebuild, dramatically simplifying developer maintenance. It's
like Git mana from Gentoo heaven.

commit 9532f1116e68203bac304792b9111ad203d93ea1
Author: leycec <>
Date: Wed Jun 3 01:58:54 2015 -0400

app-misc/powerline: Internal FIXME added.

A FIXME documenting a simple means of streamlining away synchronization issues
between the live and non-live Powerline ebuilds has been added. (May it serve us

commit 2f4f6d288a316dff9e1c8e5d034bca004fec35b1
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri May 29 23:00:05 2015 +0300

Move libvterm to dev-libs from x11-libs

libvterm-neovim was put into dev-libs into *main portage tree*. So this location
for this package should be considered official.

commit 3917bf2b85d1da3a3a8cdcd5c2681b7aa9670e1d
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri May 29 22:56:21 2015 +0300

Allow either libvterm or libvterm-neovim

commit a5f098f455edf09c6b934f86e0c3b36b3a3ea841
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri May 29 22:54:45 2015 +0300

Pexpect must be present for each tested version

commit 293072ba5d158839ae1d25aeeee9cc47485fb5cf
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri May 29 22:49:40 2015 +0300

Move required python test dependencies to the package they belong to

commit 453ee5b553e44080ec1000505980c3ee86069dc8
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sat May 23 02:36:23 2015 -0400

app-misc/powerline: Backported test improvements.

Our recent refactoring of unit testing in the live Powerline ebuild has been
backported to the most recent stable release. Namely, by eliminating it
entirely, as Powerline currently fails to bundle its tests with such release.
(Come on, guys.)

commit e57a6e055a1f120c5058f838c98c2f631048e0f8
Author: leycec <>
Date: Tue May 19 03:43:24 2015 -0400

app-misc/powerline: Unit testing refactored.

Unit testing now requires the external "app-misc/powerline-bot-ci" dependency
and, for maintainability, sports improved implementation comments. Unrelatedly,
commonly referenced paths in this ebuild have also been refactored into global

commit 86c860ab1820a928039b0551fa91c213239aedb9
Merge: 32c434d e591cd7
Author: Leyli Cecil <>
Date: Tue May 19 01:20:59 2015 -0400

Merge pull request #35 from ZyX-I/powerline-disable-ewarn

app-misc/powerline: Remove obsolete unit test warnings.

commit e591cd798eb60cf1e61a51c268f93f33bc207fed
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Mon May 11 11:37:24 2015 +0300

Remove obsolete ewarns

commit c617ff15f618cb5d6b4c5e98e36ef0f028a6649f
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun May 10 23:20:17 2015 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.1.4

commit c729b6b957706c563e70fe77991bd5912ae29336
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sun Mar 15 21:55:23 2015 -0400

x11-libs/libvterm: Manually merge ZyX patchset.

For whatever oddbal reason, ZyX's otherwise well-constructed "libvterm-fPIC"
patchset refused to cleanly apply -- despite the lack of visible merge
conflicts. This commit completes the merge, with aplomb!

commit bcc3f53120887d2286a9776897a2bc9926fc87d0
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 15:42:57 2015 +0300

Use contiuation to format `env` call as it is too long

commit 2dc4d8bcc16ede2a2749e71a1ffb1ee11a14f22e
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 14:40:49 2015 +0300

Update powerline ebuild revision

commit 1cad6cc5cab04699c881c92d101a7c1853460779
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 14:05:53 2015 +0300

Replace screen with pexpect in dependencies

commit 98db5682c384fbbe617d9eed10e698dc0d57a49a
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 02:16:38 2015 +0300

Provide $USER and $HOME environment variables as well

Will not be needed in future, as well as $LANG.

commit c5e034a43b904f7dc8c7223b435e73bf25543210
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 02:13:52 2015 +0300

Use full copy of powerline bindings directory

commit 4762132e013b0ff70ee44f48ff2a2688dd10b569
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 02:12:23 2015 +0300


commit aa87e06c0c1c7e98a918b8f10300dbbf35552225
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 02:09:39 2015 +0300

Make sure that bindings are there and sandbox-related stuff is not

commit 956e1769bea4eefc073b401665a474ee56142b51
Author: leycec <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 20:12:34 2015 -0500

libvterm: Moved to "x11-libs/".

app-misc/powerline's "rc" USE flag is now hard-masked under PPC architectures,
for which such shell has yet to be ported.

commit 419a5c730fd706f9f48ce598e115c144d6990ece
Merge: 9f58446 0f1708b
Author: Leyli Cecil <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 18:31:01 2015 -0500

Merge pull request #27 from ZyX-I/powerline-enhancements

app-misc/powerline: Significant enhancements.

qtile, netifaces, and psutil are now conditionally supported. Unit test functionality has been significantly improved with improved git-based automation.

Thanks, ZyX!

commit 0f1708b5c812559f5a3c26e8b3f2f39fa3345059
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 01:07:23 2015 +0300

Do not leave EGIT_BRANCH set to develop

commit 76b8652e9dfa3264e1167f01637f21f1388cb8f9
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 01:04:38 2015 +0300

Add missing USE flag to IUSE list

commit 7ceb1092995162dd30e86d12462fc09c3d60819b
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 23:56:37 2015 +0300

Add description for qtile USE flag

commit caf7d4a5af19e3d17f03a7c80437a5ce0afa4186
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 23:54:36 2015 +0300

Add dev-python/netifaces dependency, hide psutil under a USE flag

netifaces is not an absolute requirement as well, not even for tests. Is
required for one segment which is not present anywhere by default.

commit 126d9506443f6691df3ef9da6735c7caec473682
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 23:50:12 2015 +0300

Add psutil dependency

It is not an absolute requirement, but some segments simply do not work without
it. Tests also will not work.

commit 7d6ff8ba2e13f80d965251daffb4b66376e0c6a8
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 23:10:12 2015 +0300

Add libvterm ebuild and depend on it for powerline tests

commit 5119c9f88b97b7e80e60cd1ed3c4c20d1d7de4bc
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 22:33:42 2015 +0300

For testing git CLI interface is an absolute requirement

It does not mean powerline does not use pygit2. Just tests use git client
directly for manipulating the repository.

commit 01ca267dfd475b98aef02c39fa1af6ae1d6d99a5
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 17:06:47 2015 +0300

Record minimal qtile version

commit 20315d4da8980179a9cba937a734fd8a2c130dca
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 16:53:50 2015 +0300

Add information about qtile support

commit dcf999694429242d744256b4830894f250eb2675
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 02:58:48 2015 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.1

commit 32dc025a704b3b6040e5b343b4f9fddcfbc31e75
Author: leycec <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 23:38:09 2015 -0500

app-misc/powerline: die() called appropriately

Per the Gentoo standard, command failure is now properly handled with die().

commit 0a56e2cc881fd7127993525dbf3ce6894f1b4471
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 17:24:53 2015 +0300

powerline*: Release 2.0

commit c522bfc9d507a976975e03272da68597ca7294c7
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 05:02:18 2015 -0500

app-misc/powerline: $ added

Python-specific dependencies now explicitly require $.

commit dc93dfa18dbdd5c70d0617f77c333fadab4fa385
Author: leycec <>
Date: Fri Jan 9 19:14:24 2015 -0500

app-misc/powerline: USE flags no longer required

Specifically, disabling all "app-misc/powerline" USE flags no longer induces a
fatal "readme.gentoo" error. This corrects #24. Thanks for the detailed bug
report, un-amigo!

commit b5d1c267c9f1eb497bd9057657796df37e5c9089
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Thu Jan 8 03:10:36 2015 +0300

Add `rc` USE flag and corresponding code

commit e04e3fb90989dd24672e4237dd609e0dec8f4173
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Mon Dec 8 21:49:54 2014 +0300

Mark powerline as compatible with pypy3 and remove pypy2_0

As far as I can tell there is no longer such a thing as pypy2_0 python target.

commit e49fb1e7aeae1307dc19bf8f4681de98ea9c3666
Merge: 5a3c1d0 2aed294
Author: Leyli Cecil <>
Date: Sun Dec 7 17:11:29 2014 -0500

Merge pull request #21 from ZyX-I/powerline-move

app-misc/powerline: URLs updated

commit 17e0e52681691ad98bca9c43defc964e71ab8cb0
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Dec 7 16:12:55 2014 +0300

Record powerline move to its own organization

commit b03b01393a8f6356c3020850ced82fe36643cea0
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Dec 6 16:13:59 2014 +0300

powerline*: Release 1.3.1

commit 2c384b935d7ce7e3a6636856fa779d1307ffcca0
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Nov 30 04:06:56 2014 +0300

powerline*: Release 1.3

commit 2b7d051496020cffefc94d54ef7ea48c2a925816
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sat Nov 1 17:59:02 2014 -0400

app-misc/powerline: "dev-python/docutils" removed

commit 6275f7cc91072b8f742d608a076f237d394ccdcb
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sun Oct 26 22:03:05 2014 -0400

app-misc/powerline: USE flag "man" added

commit 78098e31dfef85ea58828ad45b42cee609417243
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Oct 25 22:40:50 2014 +0400

Install manual pages as well

commit c7eb62767ca6b397f15df4553c64b8ed9e7b0994
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Oct 12 17:17:25 2014 +0400

powerline*: Release 1.2

commit c90055e4ad109cf0d4f40d4bd5e6e6fb558db5f7
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Sep 21 16:57:55 2014 +0400

powerline*: Update Manifest

commit 8728d5f241b281c2cd657f543664f4ac11611586
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Sep 21 16:57:34 2014 +0400

powerline*: Fix SRC_URI

commit c1516315084f289365af496ac38eca23f15471f3
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sun Sep 21 16:23:43 2014 +0400

powerline*: Release 1.1

commit 3dba5a094bd0d050850db2d6b96d0454d260672a
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 00:31:03 2014 -0400

app-{misc,vim}/powerline-*: reverted

app-misc/powerline has been reverted to the prior version, while
app-vim/powerline-status has been renamed app-vim/powerline-vim. Ideally, this
concludes the recent spate of Powerline changes. (Thanks, ZyX.)

commit 28d0c321287853d509590c57f1ee0179d2470e10
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sat Sep 13 01:20:27 2014 -0400

app-{misc,vim}/powerline-status: powerline 1.0

Given the official renaming of Powerline to "powerline-status" with the 1.0
release, we've elected to rename all ebuilds accordingly while temporarily
retaining the prior ebuilds for backwards compatibility. The latter will be
removed at some future date, likely early in 2015.

commit 28517565578a59f84d6e36cdcd62b9f2fc880d96
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 02:41:41 2014 -0400

app-{misc,vim}/powerline*: Nikolai's pull request

To (hopefully!) simplify life, I've manually merged the majority of Nikolai's
most recent pull request (#13).

commit d7b93ff62dad8ab0be7e270b8168a234894df4ff
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sun Aug 24 03:43:05 2014 -0400

app-misc/powerline: dash, busybox, mksh USE flags

commit 2e6954adc33645bd936501eb57221cc32e93709a
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Aug 23 18:49:45 2014 +0400

Add pypy to the list of compatible python implementations

commit c7524e3398e80eef590b271f93f440fafa134329
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Aug 23 18:45:36 2014 +0400

Add USE=shell

commit 14235efeeaef25de6a3ba325ca44371c2e55fce6
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Aug 23 18:41:05 2014 +0400

Replace spaces used for indentation with tabs

commit 4736a0d90866ac9e7292bb0ac15997a6654e28a6
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Aug 23 18:39:42 2014 +0400

Record screen as the dependency for testing

commit b04a75dbb7c552327fbc87596407acc8753551d4
Author: leycec <>
Date: Fri Jul 11 00:12:42 2014 -0400

app-misc/powerline: Bump with recent improvements.

commit 0b96bba46cb2fece0a4110449f4eccc7b5a50fd7
Author: Hinnerk van Bruinehsen <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 10:09:10 2014 +0200

app-misc/powerline: remove deprecated dependency on python 2.6 and add
compatibilty to python 3.4

commit f09f30ce650c6ec03fda63c0fbf0111d68715a41
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 03:37:27 2014 -0400

Powerline dependency regressions corrected.

Apologies for the recent breakage, folks. This should clear things up a tad.

commit 51ede2a645ed2d5ba45d8432f58e69e26c6cfea4
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 03:11:28 2014 -0400

Powerline installation meessages shortened.

commit e714fb9ab9d471edfb0af4eef866a2d036219a61
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 03:09:33 2014 -0400

Powerline dependencies modestly streamlined.

commit e49b3f42c3ee75bcc902c805d93e54801b949fe0
Author: Jelte Fennema <>
Date: Mon Jul 7 01:00:08 2014 +0200

Remove python-argparse dependency

According to this message from portage:

!!! The following installed packages are masked:
- virtual/python-argparse-1::gentoo (masked by: package.mask)
# Michał Górny <> (6 Jul 2014)
# (on behalf of
# The modules provided by those virtuals are built-in in all currently
# supported Python implementations. If your ebuild depends on either
# of them, please just remove the dependency. Removal in 30 days.

commit 688191f346d561f8ad5bdac4e3f7a61eb52a7593
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Jul 3 19:05:01 2014 -0400

Sanity checks added to recent Powerline merge.

While doubtlessly overkill, such checks should prevent unwanted crisis...
going forward. In any case, a little prudency never hurt. (That much, anyway!)

commit 1b097b748dd0fd6352b8e31ab75e30e57e362e2c
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Sat Jun 28 19:21:57 2014 +0400

Install all tmux config files, patch powerline/

commit e694d2a83c6b960a1c01cac15238b82812eb906c
Author: leycec <>
Date: Mon May 19 18:18:45 2014 -0400

Installation messages replaced by readme.gentoo.

Eclass "readme.gentoo" provides a dramatically improved solution to the
customary issue of overly verbose pkg_postinst() elog messages. (We give

commit c1d66bfcd99b2494f03052a11c7f9b3bc7496da7
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 20:38:19 2014 -0500

Corrected issues introduced by recent pull merges.

Specifically, adding fish support to Powerline requires we remove keyword
support for architectures unsupported by fish (i.e., "~arm", "~ppc64) as well as
describe the corresponding USE flag in "metadata.xml". Since the prior pull
request failed to bump Powerline, this commit also rectifies that.

commit 04ca57a4a04c6c7c6a1024e19ae6c4f3a9b189dc
Author: Hinnerk van Bruinehsen <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 16:14:56 2014 +0100

app-misc/powerline: fix missing IUSE 'fish'

commit f0f63b51caec4d6feea0377504ac71d3fb3bbdd5
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 19:44:04 2014 +0400

Fix copy-paste typo

commit b594b65ab50391b5efcb0f298cea4599f92aa775
Author: ZyX <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 19:42:57 2014 +0400

Add fish support

commit d7362f973ec1e46e8ba7a18121bc0c6d98906f9f
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu Dec 26 03:20:35 2013 -0500

Correct Powerline's awesome integration.

Happily, this fixes issue #4 on github. Cheers, ZyX-I!

commit df997084bd9644e0a61cf01d1539b36a2fefe213
Author: leycec <>
Date: Fri Dec 6 05:14:09 2013 -0500

Added "app-vim/powerline-python".

Such package now provides Powerline's Vim plugin, a change necessitated by the
proscription of conditionally inheriting eclasses.

commit 7a8a146526323b0fd3653e7f6f13d0acbd616c6d
Author: leycec <>
Date: Mon Nov 25 04:40:59 2013 -0500

Added USE flag "fonts".

This commit comes largely thanks to pull request #2 (ZyX-I), which, due to
recent changes, necessitated manual resolution. Cheers, ZyX.

commit 82396fe8ffada95d61af2dfe8687ea21f830917f
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sun Nov 24 21:32:08 2013 -0500

Fixed Powerline "distutils-r1" phase issues.

The Powerline ebuild now respects "distutils-r1" phase mandates by overriding
python_*() rather than src_*() phase functions. (A number of other minor
improvements abound, as well.)

commit e4e4686b0cdab092437162df787a33d3e3c4552d
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sat Nov 23 07:10:13 2013 -0500

Excised spurious FIXME messages.

commit 070dc1092f49ac4130cf70bda6849066b6373923
Author: leycec <>
Date: Sat Nov 23 05:17:39 2013 -0500

Added Lokaltog's new Powerline, in all its glory.