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A utility to control Transmeta's Crusoe and Efficeon processors



# ChangeLog for app-admin/longrun
# Copyright 2002-2006 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/app-admin/longrun/ChangeLog,v 1.14 2006/03/19 20:19:16 betelgeuse Exp $

19 Mar 2006; Petteri Räty <> longrun-0.9-r3.ebuild:
Marked stable on x86.

*longrun-0.9-r3 (05 Feb 2006)

05 Feb 2006; Petteri Räty <> -longrun-0.9-r1.ebuild,
Updated to the latest Debian patch set, now installs Swedish and Japanese
translations, added a patch that uses user set CFLAGS to compile
longrun and removed old revision.

03 Sep 2005; Petteri Räty <> longrun-0.9-r2.ebuild:
Marked stable on x86.

12 Aug 2005; Petteri Räty <> longrun-0.9-r1.ebuild:
Moved the gcc-3 patch from Debian to distfiles mirrors.

*longrun-0.9-r2 (31 Jul 2005)

31 Jul 2005; Petteri Räty <> +metadata.xml,
Added Debian patches. Resolves bug #55369.
Also added checks for the right kernel config.

20 Mar 2004; Michael Sterrett <> longrun-0.9-r1.ebuild:
inherit eutils for epatch; error check

20 Mar 2004; Michael Sterrett <> longrun-0.9.ebuild:
clean old ebuild

25 May 2003; Martin Holzer <> longrun-0.9-r1.ebuild,
now uses mirror://kernel

*longrun-0.9-r1 (17 Apr 2003)

17 Apr 2003; Brandon Low <> Manifest,
longrun-0.9-r1.ebuild, files/longrun-0.9-r1-debian-gcc-3.diff:
Add a fix for compilation on gcc-3

*longrun-0.9 (1 Feb 2002)

29 Jul 2002; Calum Selkirk <> longrun-0.9.ebuild :

Added -ppc to KEYWORDS.

1 Feb 2002; G.Bevin <> ChangeLog :

Added initial ChangeLog which should be updated whenever the package is
updated in any way. This changelog is targetted to users. This means that the
comments should well explained and written in clean English. The details about
writing correct changelogs are explained in the skel.ChangeLog file which you
can find in the root directory of the portage repository.