# Copyright 1999-2021 Gentoo Authors
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2

PYTHON_COMPAT=( python3_{7..10} )

inherit gnome.org gnome2-utils llvm meson optfeature python-single-r1 readme.gentoo-r1 virtualx xdg

DESCRIPTION="An IDE for writing GNOME-based software"

# FIXME: Review licenses at some point
LICENSE="GPL-3+ GPL-2+ LGPL-3+ LGPL-2+ MIT CC-BY-SA-3.0 CC0-1.0"
KEYWORDS="amd64 x86"
IUSE="clang +devhelp doc +git +glade gtk-doc spell sysprof test"

# When bumping, pay attention to all the included plugins/*/meson.build (and other) build files and the requirements within.
# `grep -rI dependency * --include='meson.build'` can give a good initial idea for external deps and their double checking.
# The listed RDEPEND order shold roughly match that output as well, with toplevel one first then sorted by file path.
# Most plugins have no extra requirements and default to enabled; we need to handle the ones with extra requirements. Many of
# them have optional runtime dependencies, for which we try to at least notify the user via DOC_CONTENTS (but not all small
# things); `grep -rI -e 'command-pattern.*=' -e 'push_arg'` can give a (spammy) idea, plus python imports in try/except.

# FIXME: plugin_flatpak needs flatpak.pc >=0.8.0, ostree-1, libsoup-2.4.pc >=2.52.0 and git plugin enabled
# Editorconfig needs old pcre, with vte migrating away, might want it optional or ported to pcre2?
# An introspection USE flag of a dep is required if any introspection based language plugin wants to use it (grep for gi.repository). Last full check at 3.28.4

# TODO: Handle llvm slots via llvm.eclass; see plugins/clang/meson.build
# TODO: automagic libportal dep
# TODO: automagic sysprof dep for tracing paths from toplevel meson.build
	git? ( dev-libs/libgit2:=[ssh,threads]

	$(python_gen_cond_dep '
	clang? ( sys-devel/clang:= )
	devhelp? ( >=dev-util/devhelp-3.25.1:= )
	glade? ( >=dev-util/glade-3.22.0:3.10= )
	spell? ( >=app-text/gspell-1.8:0=
		app-text/enchant:2 )
	sysprof? ( >=dev-util/sysprof-3.37.1:0/4[gtk] )
# TODO: runtime ctags path finding..

# desktop-file-utils required for tests, but we have it in deptree for xdg update-desktop-database anyway, so be explicit and unconditional
# appstream-glib needed for validation with appstream-util with FEATURES=test
	doc? ( $(python_gen_cond_dep '
	') )
	gtk-doc? ( dev-util/gtk-doc
		app-text/docbook-xml-dtd:4.3 )
	test? (
		sys-apps/dbus )

DOC_CONTENTS='gnome-builder can use various other dependencies on runtime to provide
extra capabilities beyond these expressed via USE flags. Some of these
that are currently available with packages include:

* dev-util/uncrustify and dev-python/autopep8 for various Code Beautifier
  plugin out of the box functionality.
* dev-util/ctags with exuberant-ctags selected via "eselect ctags" for
  C, C++, Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ruby autocompletion, semantic
  highlighting and symbol resolving support.
* dev-python/jedi and dev-python/lxml for more accurate Python
  autocompletion support.
* dev-util/valgrind for integration with valgrind.
* dev-util/meson for integration with the Meson build system.
* dev-util/cargo for integration with the Rust Cargo build system.
* dev-util/cmake for integration with the CMake build system.
* net-libs/nodejs[npm] for integration with the NPM package system.
# FIXME: Package codespell and mention here
# FIXME: Package gnome-code-assistance and mention here, or maybe USE flag and default enable because it's rather important
# eslint for additional diagnostics in JavaScript files (what package has this? At least something via NPM..)
# jhbuild support
# rust support via rust-analyzer (rls plugin now disabled by default); Go via go-langserver
# autotools stuff for autotools plugin; gtkmm/autoconf-archive for C++ template
# gjs/gettext/mono/PHPize stuff, but most of these are probably installed for other reasons anyways, when needed inside IDE
# stylelint for stylesheet (CSS and co) linting
# gvls for vala language-server integration

llvm_check_deps() {
	has_version "sys-devel/clang:${LLVM_SLOT}"

pkg_setup() {
	use clang && llvm_pkg_setup

src_configure() {
	local emesonargs=(
		-Dprofiling=false # not passing -pg to CFLAGS

		$(meson_use doc help)
		$(meson_use gtk-doc docs)

		$(meson_use clang plugin_clang)
		-Dplugin_color_picker=false # needs libportal
		$(meson_use devhelp plugin_devhelp)
		-Dplugin_editorconfig=true # needs libpcre
		$(meson_use git plugin_git)
		$(meson_use glade plugin_glade)
		$(meson_use spell plugin_spellcheck)
		$(meson_use sysprof plugin_sysprof)

src_install() {
	if use doc; then
		rm "${ED}"/usr/share/doc/gnome-builder/en/.buildinfo || die
		rm "${ED}"/usr/share/doc/gnome-builder/en/objects.inv || die
		# custom docdir in build system, blocked by https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/825
		mv "${ED}"/usr/share/doc/gnome-builder/en "${ED}"/usr/share/doc/${PF}/html || die
		# _sources subdir left in on purpose, as HTML links to the rst files as "View page source". Additionally default docompress exclusion of /html/ already ensures they aren't compressed, thus linkable as-is.
		rmdir "${ED}"/usr/share/doc/gnome-builder/ || die

pkg_postinst() {

	optfeature_header "Code beautifiers"
	optfeature "Python" dev-python/autopep8
	optfeature "C/C++/Java" dev-util/uncrustify

pkg_postrm() {

src_test() {
	# FIXME: can't run meson_src_test together with virtx or dbus-run-session
	virtx dbus-run-session meson test -C "${BUILD_DIR}"