# Copyright 1999-2014 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $


inherit eutils git-2

DESCRIPTION="Additional completion definitions for Zsh"

IUSE="ack adb ag android attach +baselayout bpython brew
	bundle cabal cap celery choc coffee cpanm debuild
	dget dhcpcd ditz docpad dzen2 emulator exportfs
	fab gas geany gem genlop gist git-flow github
	git-pulls git-wtf google gradle heroku httpie id3
	id3v2 jekyll jmeter jmeter-plugins jonas jq knife
	language_codes lein logger lunar lunchy manage.py
	middleman mina mosh mpv mussh mvn node nvm optirun
	pactree pear perf periscope pgsql_utils pip pkcon
	play port primus pygmentize rails ralio redis-cli
	rvm salt sbt scala sdd setup.py showoff smartmontools
	socat srm ssh-copy-id subliminal svm symfony teamocil
	thor tmuxinator vagrant veewee virtualbox vnstat
	vpnc wemux yaourt"




src_install() {
	insinto /usr/share/zsh/site-functions

	use ack && doins src/_ack
	use adb && doins src/_adb
	use ag && doins src/_ag
	use android && doins src/_android
	use attach && doins src/_attach
	use baselayout && doins src/_baselayout
	use bpython && doins src/_bpython
	use brew && doins src/_brew
	use bundle && doins src/_bundle
	use cabal && doins src/_cabal
	use cap && doins src/_cap
	use celery && doins src/_celery
	use choc && doins src/_choc
	use coffee && doins src/_coffee
	use cpanm && doins src/_cpanm
	use debuild && doins src/_debuild
	use dget && doins src/_dget
	use dhcpcd && doins src/_dhcpcd
	use ditz && doins src/_ditz
	use docpad && doins src/_docpad
	use dzen2 && doins src/_dzen2
	use emulator && doins src/_emulator
	use exportfs && doins src/_exportfs
	use fab && doins src/_fab
	use gas && doins src/_gas
	use geany && doins src/_geany
	use gem && doins src/_gem
	use genlop && doins src/_genlop
	use gist && doins src/_gist
	use git-flow && doins src/_git-flow
	use github && doins src/_github
	use git-pulls && doins src/_git-pulls
	use git-wtf && doins src/_git-wtf
	use google && doins src/_google
	use gradle && doins src/_gradle
	use heroku && doins src/_heroku
	use httpie && doins src/_httpie
	use id3 && doins src/_id3
	use id3v2 && doins src/_id3v2
	use jekyll && doins src/_jekyll
	use jmeter && doins src/_jmeter
	use jmeter-plugins && doins src/_jmeter-plugins
	use jonas && doins src/_jonas
	use jq && doins src/_jq
	use knife && doins src/_knife
	use language_codes && doins src/_language_codes
	use lein && doins src/_lein
	use logger && doins src/_logger
	use lunar && doins src/_lunar
	use lunchy && doins src/_lunchy
	use manage.py && doins src/_manage.py
	use middleman && doins src/_middleman
	use mina && doins src/_mina
	use mosh && doins src/_mosh
	use mpv && doins src/_mpv
	use mussh && doins src/_mussh
	use mvn && doins src/_mvn
	use node && doins src/_node
	use nvm && doins src/_nvm
	use optirun && doins src/_optirun
	use pactree && doins src/_pactree
	use pear && doins src/_pear
	use perf && doins src/_perf
	use periscope && doins src/_periscope
	use pgsql_utils && doins src/_pgsql_utils
	use pip && doins src/_pip
	use pkcon && doins src/_pkcon
	use play && doins src/_play
	use port && doins src/_port
	use primus && doins src/_primus
	use pygmentize && doins src/_pygmentize
	use rails && doins src/_rails
	use ralio && doins src/_ralio
	use redis-cli && doins src/_redis-cli
	use rvm && doins src/_rvm
	use salt && doins src/_salt
	use sbt && doins src/_sbt
	use scala && doins src/_scala
	use sdd && doins src/_sdd
	use setup.py && doins src/_setup.py
	use showoff && doins src/_showoff
	use smartmontools && doins src/_smartmontools
	use socat && doins src/_socat
	use srm && doins src/_srm
	use ssh-copy-id && doins src/_ssh-copy-id
	use subliminal && doins src/_subliminal
	use svm && doins src/_svm
	use symfony && doins src/_symfony
	use teamocil && doins src/_teamocil
	use thor && doins src/_thor
	use tmuxinator && doins src/_tmuxinator
	use vagrant && doins src/_vagrant
	use veewee && doins src/_veewee
	use virtualbox && doins src/_virtualbox
	use vnstat && doins src/_vnstat
	use vpnc && doins src/_vpnc
	use wemux && doins src/_wemux
	use yaourt && doins src/_yaourt

	dodoc README.md

pkg_postinst() {
	elog "If you happen to compile your functions, you may need to delete"
	elog "~/.zcompdump{,.zwc} and recompile to make zsh-completion available"
	elog "to your shell."